Property Provider's Guide

Let us share some information about how agencies will benefit from POYNTA service. Come check it out and see how to make an easy start!


What is special about using POYNTA?

POYNTA helps agents and owners earn more!

Distribution of total income

Using other websites

Initial setup fees + Monthly fees + Listing fees + Inquiry fees + Hidden fees

Expenses for advertisements

including those which did not bring you a transaction

Actual Income


Service fee for signed contract

No more bills for meaningless advertisement

Actual Income

Less expense means more income

Actual Income

Raise income by raising the number of transactions. We attract clients for you!

POYNTA is a real estate listings directory operating on a pay-per-performance basis.

Our neigbours, property providers, don’t have to pay for listing until their clients signed a tenancy agreement.

NO risk! Completely FREE until a user signs a tenancy agreement without any quota!

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helps your clients

to earn more!

After a transaction is confirmed, POYNTA will provide a cash reward to your client.


Cash Reward


POYNTA Cash Rewards bring more clients to you



Compare POYNTA

to other similar services

Listing fee based & Inquiry fee based


Listing costs Pay even if no transaction is made. Pay only if we brought you a transaction.
Package Fee

Pay in advance for properties which have not been listed yet.

Risk losing money due to website close-down.

Only pay for actual transactions afterwards.

Free listing

Renter's View No actual merit. Cash reward attracts renters to search here first.
Property Provider's View No actual merit. Brings you advantages when competing with non-POYNTA property providers.

POYNTA brings properties and prospective tenants together!

The Cash reward & Pay-Per-Performance system

No additional work for property providers on payment. We do it all.

Cash reward comes from your advertising fee of each transaction dealt.

Our pay-per-transaction service fee is $500 per each closed transaction.

Advertisers can increase the cash reward for their properties to catch eyeballs.

After a tenancy agreement has been signed, you will receive a statement of minimum service fee ($500 per deal closed) plus extra cash reward amount that you have set. The statement will be prepared for you at the end of each month.

Ex. #1 Basic cash reward


Extra cash reward $0


Total Cost

$500 + $0




Ex. #2 Basic cash reward


Extra cash reward that you have added $200


Total Cost

$500 + $200





The advantages

of pay-per-performance

listing sites

Advantage #1

Helping you raise property turnover

Properties that remain vacant generate no profit. At POYNTA, you can adjust their cash reward amount to attract clients.

Advantage #2

Making budgeting your advertising clear and simple!

You can clearly understand the advertisement cost of each transaction, because you only pay an amount that you had set yourself. Payment only happens after a user signs a service agreement.

Advantage #3

Stopping runaway advertising costs!

Bills Only


Bills only after
a signed contract

Every dollar you spend is meaningful - it's a result of an actual transaction brought to you by POYNTA.

Advantage #4

Take no risk for a better return



Most agents do not like spending money for listing some unpopular properties, because even if they do so, they may still not be able to get the client to rent the place. That is a high-risk investment.



Cash Reward


Provides naturally become less and less enthusiastic about properties that prove unpopular. At POYNTA, providers are motivated to keep their ear to the ground and find the right property for prospective tenants. Moreover, property providers can increase the cash reward amount to encourage users to rent a place.


Increase the market

value of your properties

with POYNTA!

Provide incentive for prospective tenants.
Cash rewards raise the motivation of prospective clients
to find a new property.

Give your members an advantage.
Cash rewards can spark user's interest in less popular properties,
which would have normally remained vacant.


How to get started?

Step #1 Click to register

Just make a simple click and enter the registration page.

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Step #2 Fill out application

Please fill out a simple application.

Remember to confirm the terms and condition.

Step #3 Wait for POYNTA's internal process.

We'll process your application as soon as possible.

Step #4 Receive email notice from POYNTA

Step #5 Log in to our backend and post properties

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How to process a case?

Step #1 Reply to clients interested in properties

Users who are interested in your properties or cash rewards will be instructed to ask for their availability, to which you will be prompted to respond.

Step #2 Wait for the clients to contact you and assist them

Your clients will get your contact information from POYNTA.
Await their contact and help them pick a suitable property.

Step #3 Sign a tenancy agreement → POYNTA will contact you

Once tenancy agreement is signed, renter will send a cash reward request to POYNTA. Then, POYNTA will send a message to your provider page and email account to confirm.

Step #4 Pay-per-performance: Receive an invoice

POYNTA will prepare an invoice for you containing each confirmed transaction.
(You do not need to pay any service fees until the tenant has signed a lease/rental agreement).