10 Great Hong Kong Souvenirs to Pick Up for Friends and Family

If you’ve moved to Hong Kong or came to visit on holiday, then you may want to pick up presents for friends and family to bring with you when you go visit them. It’s fun to give gifts which are distinctive to the place which you’ve visited, and your loved ones will appreciate a thoughtfully chosen gift. As a multicultural city with extensive shopping opportunities, Hong Kong offers many gifting possibilities. Here are 10 charming souvenirs which you can buy in Hong Kong to give as presents.


  1. Tailored suits & other clothes

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Bespoke suits and other items of clothing are more affordable in Hong Kong than in other countries, and a tailor-made clothing piece is a unique gift. You can pop over the border to Shenzhen to pick up the most affordable tailored clothing, or if you’d rather stay in the city then there are plenty of tailors in Kowloon that will make custom pieces for you. It helps to know the measurements of the person who you are buying the clothing for, but an even better tip is to borrow one of the person’s favorite items, like their favorite jacket, and bring it with you to the tailor to get something similar made for them, perhaps in a different material.


  1. Traditional Chinese clothing

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An alternative to buying Western-style bespoke clothing is to look for traditional Chinese clothing to give as a gift. Ladies may enjoy wearing a cheongsam or qipao, a traditional fitted Chinese dress which is also very fashionable in Western countries. You can find products which run the gamut from high-quality bespoke pieces to cheap and cheerful mass-produced items, so look around at the different options and their prices before making a decision. If you want to pick up a smaller gift, a Chinese silk scarf is a beautiful accessory which can be worn by men or women.


  1. Chinese antiques


Hong Kong is a great place to buy Chinese art or antiques, such as china bowls. There are markets all over the city which sell antiques, but one of the best places to head is the Hollywood Road in Central, where you’ll find art galleries, stalls selling Chinese ceramics, furniture shops, and much more. From large elaborate pieces like decorative vases to small trinkets like mini Buddha heads, you’ll find Chinese items to decorate the homes of your friends and family.


  1. Knock-off handbags and antiques

59345167 - bangkok, thailand-20 june, 2016: handbags on display at chatuchak market in bangkok. it is one of the largest market in asia.

While you’re visiting the antique markets, other good gifts to look out for include cheap and entertaining knock-off products. If you’ve got a friend who’s always craved a Gucci bag, or your mother has always talked wistfully about owning a fine Ming vase, then you can easily find fake versions of these products in the less reputable stores and markets. Of course, the quality won’t be as good as the real thing, but that’s part of the fun of giving these items as gifts. Try digging through flea markets like the open-air Cat Street bazaar to find a jumble of antiques, both real and fake.


  1. Tea and tea accessories


What could be a more appropriate gift to bring home from Hong Kong than tea? Anyone who enjoys a nice cuppa will appreciate you bringing back some fresh tea for them to try. If you visit tea shops in the city yourself, get some of your favorite teas packed up and bring it as a present–you can’t go wrong with traditional favorite teas like oolong or jasmine tea. Pair the tea with tea accessories like teapots, china cups, tea trays, or traditional Chinese tea strainers for an individual and tasty gift.


  1. Name seal

54829548 - chinese craftsman carving a stone seal in the market

If you have friends who are interested in Chinese culture, a name seal makes a unique and personalized gift for them. These heavy stone stamps have Chinese characters carved into the bottom of them in inverse, so they can be pressed into paste or ink and used to stamp documents or papers. Stalls selling name seals are all over the city, including places like the Stanley Market or the Man Wa Lane in Sheung Wan, where you can go and get your friend’s name translated into Chinese and engraved onto a seal.


  1. Snacks and dried foods


Lots of people in countries all over the world enjoy eating Chinese cuisine, but often the only food they’ve tried is meals at Cantonese restaurants or takeaways. The foodies in your life who love try new things will enjoy getting Chinese snacks or ingredients as a gift, as there are plenty of unusual and interesting items. Pick up some dried seafood from Des Voeux Road West, or other dried foods like shiitake mushrooms which are easy to transport and won’t spoil. Friends with a sweet tooth will enjoy cookies in a presentation tin, or a box of candies like fruit jellies.


  1. HK-themed products from G.O.D.

The G.O.D. or Goods of Desire stores specialize in ironic and kitschy Hong Kong-themed goods, such as toys, jokey t-shirts, or items inspired by the iconic red-white-blue bags that you see everywhere in the city. You can find G.O.D. stores in locations across Central and the rest of the city – there’s even one in the Hong Kong airport for last-minute gift shopping.


  1. Gadgets and the latest electronics

With such a big tech scene, you can find some of the newest models of various gadgets and electronics in Hong Kong. It’s not the cheapest place in the world for electronic goods, but sometimes you can pick up the latest version of a gadget before it’s released in the rest of the world. Chain stores like Fortress or Broadway are the best place to pick up reliable electronics.


  1. I heart HK t-shirt

51050978 - hong kong - june 04, 2015: hong kong international airport interior. hong kong international airport is the main airport in hong kong. it is located on the island of chek lap kok

The cheesy but very charming classic gift is an “I heart HK” t-shirt, which you’ll see in tourist spots everywhere. For your friends with a wry sense of humor or for family members who love seeing items from all over the world, these shirts are a cute and easy to obtain gift.

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