3 Days in Macao – Itinerary Recommendations


Hoping to relieve stress from daily work? Enjoy a three-day-and-two-night trip to Macao with your family! It is a short but meaningful trip as you can absolutely immerse into the culture of Macao by visiting the heritage sites and appreciating all of the scenic views.


Macao has over twenty antiquities, most of them are of great educational value. Moreover, they are included in the World Heritage List. Spend a day at the “Historic Centre of Macao” with your children to learn the integration of Chinese and Western cultures in Macao behind these spectacular ancient architectures. You will gain intriguing insights into the harmonious blending between Eastern and Western culture.


On the first day of your trip, you may wish to visit the Macao Museum in the morning, which is situated in the Mount Fortress, close to the well-known landmark the Ruins of St. Paul’s (大三巴牌坊).


Hop off at the Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro (亞美打利庇盧大馬路) and take a ten-minute walk to this historical structure.  Unlike  the typical museum, the Macao Museum has more than one theme.


It has had great success because of the diverse range of items exhibited in the museum. The museum consists of three floors with a total area of 2,800 square meters. Ascending from the first floor to the third floor, you will get acquainted with the historical development of Macao chronologically. You can trace back the civilization and traditional customs of Macao throughout the years and contemporary Macao on different floors. The combination of various cultures will give you a fascinating look at the storyline of Macao. Take note that the Macao Museum offers free admission on the fifteenth day of each month!



After visiting the Macao Museum, stroll to the magnificent Mount Fortress (大炮台) close by. The fort was built in the wartime from 1617 to 1626 for military defense purposes. The cannons, cracked walls and military camp areas were preserved well enough to make you feel as if you were one of the soldiers who were stationed here. More than just being a fortress of old, it served as the home of the Governor of Macao and the Weather Observatory. You will have a deeper impression on Macao’s rich history after having an informative day at the Historic Centre.


For dinner, you can find many restaurants at the Rua de Coelho do Amaral (連勝街) or the Estrada do Repouso (鏡湖馬路).


Moving on to the next day of the trip, wake up early in the morning so you can fully utilize the day at Taipa and Coloane. Grab your breakfast at the Taipa Rua do Cunha (官也街), where you can find popular street snacks and restaurants of Macao such as the Portuguese Egg Tarts, Pork Chop Buns, Macanese cuisine, etc.


You can also buy all sorts of souvenirs at the gift shops, including phoenix rolls, egg rolls, peanut candies and almond cakes. In the afternoon, take the bus to Coloane and experience peaceful Macanese village life.


If you are fond of visiting the temples or chapels, you can stroll into the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier or the Sam Seng Temple in Coloane. In the afternoon, head to the Black Sand Beach (黑沙海灘) (also known as Hac Sa Beach), located Southeast of Coloane, which is perfect for family moments. You can totally lose yourself in the silence and clear blue skies while basking in the sun or treading with your bare feet on the unique black sand along the coastal line. This cozy atmosphere is sure make your day one to remember! Later on, you can even see the breathtaking sunset. Do not forget to take loads of photos to capture this view!


For dinner, you can choose to BBQ at the beach or other restaurants in Coloane. The Lord Stow’s Café, Choi Un Kei and Chan Chi Mei Choi Kun are some suggestions for foodies.


Seeking for excitement? On the third day of your trip, you can go to the iconic Macau Tower (澳門旅遊塔). With a height of 338 meters, you can take in the uninterrupted view of the city of Macao and even glimpse the islands of Hong Kong. The panoramic view will take your breath away. If you think it is just an ordinary observation lounge, you’d be wrong! On top of that, if you are brave enough, go for the exhilarating Tower Adventure. Dare to try all of the adventures including Sky Walk, SkyJump and Bungy Jump? Overcome your fear, embrace the rush, and have fun at the same time! After the adventure, you can have a dining experience at the 360-degree revolving restaurant in the Tower. Do go for some last-minute shopping at the Macau Creations, Toys’R’Us and ISA before you leave.


The three-day-and-two-night itinerary to Macao is surely an ideal one for families and friends who desire a relaxing yet exciting holiday. We all need to take a break from time to time so that we can strike a balance between work and entertainment. Macao is a place that is more than suitable for great food, tourist spots and leisure activities. Do not miss out on any of these attractions and have a delightful holiday in Macao.

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