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The Hong Kong you have yet to discover


Whether you have grown up in Hong Kong or have been up rooted and thrown into this busy city, no one can quite prepare you for the density and small spaces we call home here in Hong Kong. You want more than anything to be able to understand the city better, to find your way around and integrate.

Luckily, Hong Kong is a friendly, safe city with much on offer for people of all walks of life, you just have to seek and find it. (Maybe this phrase need to be tweaked a bit to fit to local Hong Kong Chinese.)

We here at Sherlok Homes understand tech savvy, Hong Kong loving, life creative people who are looking either to understand the process of settling into Hong Kong better or who just want to see and experience more of Hong Kong.

We hope to convey this for the newly arrived expat and those who consider themselves local, Chinese or otherwise. We hope it can be a forum where helpful information is exchanged for the benefit of all and a special place where the love of Hong Kong is shared.

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