Must-visit restaurants for the Launch of the Kwun Tong Line Extension

Must-visit restaurants for the launch of the Kwun Tong Line Extension

With the Kwun Tong Line extension set to open at the end of the month, new areas in Whompoa, Ho Man Tin and Hung Hom will become accessible by MTR to Hong Kong residents.


img_4983 —A view of Ho Man Tin Station from Hunghom

And that will make it easier for city dwellers to visit a whole slew of restaurants around the new Whompoa and Ho Man Tin stations.

Here we’re highlighting three top food locations for you to try in the Whompoa, Ho Man Tin and Hung Hom area, both casual and fine dining.

img_5038_2 —Whompoa Station prepares of the coming of typhoon


Si Sun Fast Food

Address: 1 Whampoa Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong (Walk few minutes from Hung Hom Station or Whompoa Station)

It’s not just high-end restaurants that will be accessible with the new line extension though. There are also great casual and fast food places like Si Sun Fast Food which is located near to the new Ho Man Tin station. It’s a charmingly scruffy burger joint which offers little in the way of frills or luxurious atmosphere, but makes up for that with great-tasting food at a very cheap price.


If you’re craving a guilty indulgence like a McDonald’s burger, then do yourself a favor and try out Si Sun instead – you’ll get the chewy burger that you’re after, but with a bigger range of styles and ingredients and better quality cooking.


Hong Kong style burgers tend to be smaller and simpler than the behemoth burgers you find in Western style burger places, so they’re an excellent snack if you’re looking for a bite rather than a full meal.

The beef patties at Si Sun are stuffed with lots of onions to bring a savoury and slightly sweet flavor to the burger, and a favorite among locals here is the double cheese burger with home-made mayonnaise salad sauce, and a fried egg which adds a richness and heartiness to meal to keep you full and satisfied. There’s no alcohol on sale in the restaurant, but there is excellent home-made ice tea to quench your thirst. And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper burger joint without fries, so there are sides like chips or chicken wings available too.



Old Man Hot Pot

Address: 25-31 Cooke Street, Hung Hom (Near Ho Man Tin Station)

Another terrific casual food location near the Ho Man Tin station is Old Man Hot Pot, which serves steamy hot pots which are the perfect comfort food to keep you warm as winter starts to approach.


This good value restaurant has an informal atmosphere with plastic chairs and tables out on the street so that you can watch the world go by – provided it’s warm enough! The restaurant is already popular and will surely get busier once the new train line opens, so book in advance to ensure that you can get a table with no waiting.

Old Man Hot Pot is known for its delicious crab and tomato soup – made with a whole mud crab – which is used as a base for its hot pots, bringing a sweet and rich flavor to each dish. The beef hot pot is a particular favorite, adding a soft, melt in the mouth texture and hearty iron flavor to the hot pot base.

Other stand-out dishes include the raw marinated cockles, and the pork hamstrings – rubbery tendons which have a thick meaty flavor when they are slow-cooked. The dumplings are also a staple here, coming stuffed with flavors like prawn, shrimp, or fish skin, and you can round out your meal with vegetable side dishes like corn cobs or marinated tofu.




Address: G/F Harbour Plaza, 22 Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom (Near Whompoa Garden waterfront side)

Another hotel restaurant which is set to become easily accessible with the opening of the Kwun Tong Line extension is the Japanese restaurant Robatayaki, located in the Harbour Grand hotel near the new Whompoa station.


If you enjoy finely-crafted sushi and sashimi made from the freshest fish, then Robatayaki is sure to please. The restaurant features a spectacular open-plan kitchen, so as you eat you can watch the chefs at work preparing the dishes over open grills in the traditional Japanese barbecue style.

When you’re choosing your meal, you can go and select from a huge range of produce including meat, seafood, and vegetables, which are laid out in front of the chefs. Each food item that you order at Robatayaki is grilled individually, so every dish is fresh and cooked just as you like it.

If you’re in need of inspiration, then the restaurant’s signature dishes include a creamy and incredibly rich duck foie gras, sweet and juicy Hokkaido taraba crab, and a steak of what is arguably the very best kind of Japanese beef: Matsuzaka sirloin, which has beautiful marbling of fat and meat which makes it melt in the mouth.

After dinner, try a sample of Robatayaki’s fine sake selection for a fitting end to a Japanese meal.

img_5047 —How about an after-meal walk outside Robatayaki?



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