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Discovery Bay – A paradise for expats in Hong Kong

As an expat, you may wonder where to live before moving to Hong Kong. The first question you need to ask yourself is what you need. For example, will your family move there with you? Are there any international schools in the area? How is the air quality?

The first impression most expats have of Hong Kong is the outrageous rentals. However, that doesn’t mean the expats would only consider cheap rentals especially if they move to Hong Kong with their spouse and children. They want to provide a better living place for their family while they are having their job in Hong Kong.

Discovery Bay has its unique environment and lots of entertainment hot spots. It is very suitable for the expats who are outdoor lovers.


A General Picture

Discovery Bay, a wonderful place that is full of foreigners, is a gorgeous suburb on the east coast of the Lantau Island in Hong Kong. A considerable portion of the residents are expatriates with children. While the others are medium to high-income local families who crave for spacious area and natural surroundings. There are approximately 16,000 people living in the Discovery Bay. Unlike the traditional hectic bustling Hong Kong lifestyle in the other areas, you can find a very modern and relaxed western living style. You can also explore a peaceful and eco-friendly vibe in Discovery Bay with the absence of abundant vehicles. The community has a superb transport system, which you only find electric golf carts, bicycles and shuttle buses. Wishing to escape from crowding environment? Come to Discovery Bay to live and have joy with your family!



Although it sounds remote for locating at Lantau Island, actually the transportation in Discovery Bay is convenient. Only 25 minutes ferry ride from the Central Pier! Or you can take buses from Sunny Bay (Bus DB03R) and Tung Chung MTR Station (Bus DB01R) to Discovery Bay. The community itself possesses an own well-organised and dedicated transportation system, commuting residents around the area.

Living Environment

Best apartment with sea view and fresh air ever! Most of the accommodations are low-rise and detached apartments. The monthly rental of 800 sq. ft apartment in Discovery Bay is round HKD $26,000. Most of the apartments available for renting are spacious, occupying approximately 1,000 to 2,000 sq.ft. The community is self-sufficiency, neighborhood amenities can be found such as clinics, supermarkets, fitness centers and swimming pools.

Shopping and Entertainment

You can enjoy your lunch at the D’Deck, the largest seafront dining venue in Hong Kong. It is a wonderful alfresco area where you can taste various delicious cuisines from many different countries! While enjoying your food here, the spectacular sea view is just right ahead and you could clearly feel the comfy breeze around. This is one of the best family activities that you could try during the weekend.

Tai Pak Beach
Do you love beach? Tai Pak Beach is just located along D’Deck, which is one of the artificial beaches in Hong Kong. Just a few minutes walk from the ferry pier. It is a privately managed public beach. Your kids must love to play with the fine sand and build their favorite palace. Moreover, there is a small park at the end of the beach that are filled with all the children’s entertainment facilities. Every weekends, there are events held by various parties for the residents and the participants to chill out, such as volleyball party, rugby party, and hide and seek party in Easter. Couples can also enjoy the slow walk and appreciate the beauty of the night sky.

Discovery Bay Hiking Trails
Several hiking routes are available from Discovery Bay to Tung Chung or Mui Wo. Hiking lovers can go for a walk or hiking when they have spare time. It takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to hike from Discovery Bay, pass by the Gazebo, to the D’Deck. The scenery of Discovery Bay is splendid and hiking there is awesome. It allows you to immerse yourself in the magnificent Mountain View and get close to the nature.

White Chapel
Serving as the significant icon in Discovery Bay, the White Chapel is the perfect backdrop for visitors to take stunning photos. In fact, the White Chapel is elegantly designed at the waterfront location. It is the first and the only one seaside church which is designed in triangular structure. With the provision of natural light in such a good sunny day, it may be interesting to take numerous selfies over there because the scenery was just so romantic and enticing! Please make sure you bring extra memory card for your camera before you come to Discovery Bay!

Discovery Bay Plaza
The plaza is the center of area, where people spend their time relaxing there. If you wish to visit some extraordinary local shops, you should not miss the alfresco market. These markets are organized every weekend. Handicraft adorers love shopping for homemade products and sophisticated merchandises. Many restaurants are located in this Plaza, with a majority of them serve western food at mid-price range.

Hong Kong Disneyland
It is easy as pie to go to Hong Kong Disneyland from Discovery Bay. Just take the shuttle bus DB03R to Sunny Bay MTR Station. The Disneyland Station is the one stop away. It is very convenient to bring your kids to have fun in Disneyland.


Family Activities
(1)  Discovery Bay Golf Club
If you find it hard to find a pleasant golf place in Hong Kong, come to Discover Bay and attend the golf course here. The club allows non-members to join at certain weekdays and with 2 Days booking in advance. You can also enjoy swimming and playing tennis over there with your friends!

(2) Discovery Land
Being the largest indoor playground in Hong Kong, Discovery Land is the excellent pastime for families to spend their days. This family entertainment center occupies approximately 14,000 square feet, providing rainbow slides, air trek, trampoline, rock climbing, and sports court for multi-purposes. Specifically, they provide toddler area, educational programmes and many more for kids. In weekdays, children aged under 12 will be charged HKD 148 per head, the fee will include one adult as well. The charge is higher which costs HKD 188 on weekends and in public holidays.


Special Festivals of the Year

Sunday Market 2016
On a specific Sunday each month, Sunday Market will open to welcome handicrafts lovers and the visitors. More creative handmade products, DIY designed works and vintage clothes can be purchased there. You will be able to connect with like-minded artists and designers. Come and exchange inspirations with them on Sunday!

Family leisure/ Valentine’s Day: Horse – Drawn Carriage Ride
The service allows you to enjoy extraordinary experience with horses pulling you around Discovery Bay. You can appreciate the coastal spectacular scenery during the 10-minute walk. The service, which costs HKD$ 300 per ride, is a perfect and romance -provoking option for you to delight your lovers on Valentine’s’ Day. It is also a great family pastime as children can learn more about the horses by interacting with the equine team before the walk.

Easter Holidays: Happy Easter Egg Hunt
Every Easter, kids aged under 10 will be invited to join the Easter egg hunt event! Make sure you keep an eye for the first -come -first -served ticket and do not miss the chance to join the event.

Christmas Time: Christmas Carnival
Each year, there will be carnivals for celebrating Christmas time with the residents and visitors. Not only will the restaurants provide discount offerings for the visitors, a series of events will also be held such as large – scaled Christmas parade.


The environment is undoubtedly pleasant to live. It is an amazing area from the city buzz of Hong Kong. It is highly accessible and its internal transportation is very convenient. Discovery Bay is a decent living place which is suitable for expats and family who desire for western lifestyle living. Not only is the place a perfect residential rental option, Discovery Bay is also a great choice for citizens who wish to experience outdoor activities.

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