General Questions

Q: What is POYNTA?

A: POYNTA is an online marketplace that helps property renters, property agents and property owners find each other, along with other parties relevant to renting all over Hong Kong.

Q: How much does it cost to use POYNTA?

A: Hey! POYNTA lives on your support, which we appreciate. We are not going to ask money from you. Instead, we give money to users who successfully find their new home here. (For cash reward requirement, please check HERE)

  Member Registration

Q: Do I need to sign up to use POYNTA?

A: This is a free platform for renters. After signing up, you can create your wish list, make inquiry on any property, contact the provider, and of course, request for POYNTA Cash Reward $$$. Come sign up HERE.

Q: What should I do if I forgot my password to log in?

A: Click the this link and follow the instructions given in order to reset your password.

Q: How can I change my personal information including email address?

A: Log in, then click "Edit Customer Information". Update your information then click "Save".

Q: How can I stop receiving newsletter from POYNTA?

A: Log in, then click "Edit Customer Information". Uncheck the box of "Receive newsletter" then click "Save".

Q: How do I deactivate my account?

A: Just send POYNTA a mail. We will handle it for you・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・, but you need your account for cash reward...。

  Property Content

Q: I found some incorrect information. What should I do?

A: Please let us know. We want to create platform with transparency for you, providers, and us. Your voice help us and our provider to improve serivce and enhance accuracy. Please notify us by sending an emial to rent@poynta.com. Thanks for your support!

Q: High cash reward = problem with the property?

A: No, we pride ourselves in quality listings. Cash reward amounts are set at the discretion of the real estate agency, based on their advertising budget and their aggressiveness. You may find something which cash reward amount is relatively higher.

Q: How come when contact the agent, the available property becomes unavailable anymore?

A: Properties with favorable terms tend to receive multiple inquiries at the same time, so occasionally you will come across a listing that has just recently been taken by another prospective tenant. If this happens, you may drop us a line and let us know by email. This is fair and transparent platform, if we found providers who use offers which do not exist to attract users, we may suspense or down grade the provider.

Contacting the provider  in person is highly recommended, as it will make your search much smoother. You may look for another target here,  or you may ask the property provider to show you other property. In this case, the POYNTA Cash Reward is still applicable.

  Property Inquiries

Q: I haven’t received a confirmation email regarding my property inquiry. Did my inquiry go through?

A: After you sent your inquiry, did the screen show “inquiry successfully sent”? If YES, your inquiry has been successfully sent. You will receive a confirmation email from POYNTA within a few minutes.

Otherwise, you may:

  • reconfirm your registered mail address
  • check your bulk mail folder
  • check the spam filter and make sure emails from POYNTA was not marked as spam
  • add <@poynta> to your list of approved senders.
  • notify us via <rent@poynta.com>, and we will have any missed emails resend.
Q: I just sent a property inquiry. What do I do next?

A: After you send a property inquiry, you will receive a confirmation email from POYNTA within a few minutes. If you do not receive a response, please notify us by <rent@poynta.com>, and we will contact the provider directly.

Q: Can I edit the information I entered for a property inquiry?

A: Unfortunately, once the inquiry is sent, it cannot be edited. You may send another inquiry to us or contact the property provider for another property.

  POYNTA Cash Reward (Housewarming Gift)

Q: The reward amount of a property was changed after I sent the inquiry. Does it affect my cash reward amount?

A: The POYNTA Cash Reward amount is fixed by the time you send your initial property inquiry. Even if the amount is changed afterward, the amendment does not affect you.

Q: After making inquiry, the agent contacted showed me some other rental properties. Will I still be eligible for cash reward if I sign for the other properties which is different from the one I asked for?

A: Yes, you are still eligible for cash reward if you decided to sign for another property which is introduced by the same owner/company. You may apply for your cash reward at your agency inquires page.

Q: The property provider told me that the property does not come with POYNTA Cash Reward. Is it possible?

A: As long as you've sent a property inquiry to the property provider via POYNTA, all properties that the agency shows you come with Cash Reward (if the transaction is confirmed). Please notify us via email<rent@poynta.com>, and we will contact the provider directly.

Q: Why my cash reward application is rejected?

A: Cash reward is not eligible if:

  • the renter contacted the owner/company by phone or visited in person before submitting a property inquiry through POYNTA.
  • POYNTA's <Ask for availability> button is not used for inquiry.
  • we are unable to confirm your tenancy agreement with the owner/agent.
  • no tenancy agreement is signed.  (´∀`;)
Q: When will I receive my cash reward payment?

A: Cash reward applications usually take about 2 to 3 weeks. We appreciate your understanding. If you would like to check the current status of your application, please contact us by email <rent@poynta.com>.

Q: Is there a deadline for cash reward application?

A: Please apply for cash reward within 60 days from your initial property inquiry sent. If you anticipate that it may take longer than 60 days to sign a tenancy agreement, please contact us through email.

Q: What is the amount of cash reward?

A: When you rent a property, you will get at least $500 for an agency dealt or $200 for an owner-direct dealt. E.g.:

<Hint> Some provider may set a higher rate of reward. Dig them out to get more cash reward!

The POYNTA Cash Reward amount is set at the time you send your initial property inquiry. Even if the amount is changed afterward, the amendment does not affect you.

Q: How do I request for my POYNTA Cash Reward?

A: It is a happy thing to know that our neighbours found a new home. Let us celebrate it with a house warming giift (cash reward). To request a cash reward, you need to have made an inquiry about a property (browse Properties). You can then apply for a reward through Property Inquiries or Agency Inquiries.