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Rental Properties in Sha Tin


Sha Tin is located on the eastern side of the New Territories of Hong Kong. In the 2011 Population Census, the number of residents are up to 625,900 approximately, about 9% of the whole population in Hong Kong. The district is dedicated for residential purpose and it is one of the earliest developed new towns in Hong Kong. There are four light industrial areas in Sha Tin, namely Tai Wai, Fo Tan, Siu Lek Yuen and Shek Mun surrounding Sha Tin.





Having its School Net in 91, Sha Tin is one of the most popular school networks in Hong Kong, supported by Hong Kong parents and teachers. There are multiple excellent teachers and schools ranging from primary to secondary, which are also preferred by the parents who would like to send their kids into prominent schools. There are around 41 primary schools in which 38 of them are government schools, while only few of them are direct subsidized school. Among the schools, Baptist Sha Tin Wai Lui Ming Choi Primary School and Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School are the more well-known ones. There are also a great variety of EMI schools which use English as the medium such as St. Rose of Lima's College, Sha Tin Methodist College, etc.



The transportation in Sha Tin is very convenient, with several main roads connecting the area, making the area highly accessible. To commence with, it takes commuters 10 minutes approximately to Kowloon West and 25 minutes to the airport with Route 8. Sha Tin District also connects to Tolo Highway, Sai Sha Road, Fo Tan Road, Tai Po Road and Ma On Shan Bypass. Moreover, this area is also connected to a plurality of main tunnels in Hong Kong. For example, Lion Rock Tunnel and Tate's Cairn Tunnel. There are a great variety of public transportation serving the residents. They can choose to take the MTR East Rail Line and Ma On Shan Line to visit other locations. In the region, there are over one hundred bus routes available to make the life of the tenants here easier.


Leisure & Entertainment

Sha Tin is a vibrant and all - around developed community, with a wide range of recreational and cultural facilities. If you favor outdoor activities, you should not miss the Sha Tin cycling track. The place is suitable for family activities, along with spectacular views of the Shing Mun River and the pleasant scenery of Tolo harbour. Tenants in the district can easily access to a wealth of recreational facilities such as Sha Tin Town Hall, swimming pools, soccer fields, stadiums and many more. Additionally, walking around the Ma On Shan Promenade allows residents to unwind themselves. It is joyful to appreciate the sea color sky and the charming scenery along the promenade.  Another great way to go on holiday is the Sha Tin Park, which occupies around 8.5 hectares, offering comfy and restful area for the neighbors. On holiday, you may wish to bring your kids to watch birds in the Penfold Park, cultivating their interests to the nature. Other popular spots include The Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the famous Sha Tin Che Kun Temple for believers to honor Che Kung, a brave general in the Song Dynasty, in hopes of expecting bravery and good lucks.


Shops & Restaurants

Sha Tin is also a mini food paradise for food nerds. In Sha Tin Town Centre, which is located at the center of Sha Tin, there are numerous restaurants offering different kinds of delicacies, ranging from exquisites treats to local food.  If you are living in Sha Tin, you will never be disappointed. There are many more mega shopping malls in the district, such as the New Town Plaza, accommodating more than 350 stores, which provides a top - tier shopping experience for the shoppers. In addition, residents can also shop in Sha Tin Plaza or Sha Tin shopping center in the district.

The area attracts Middle - class families who are pursuing a spacious living environment and an all – rounded, decent neighboring environment where shops and restaurants can be accessed easily.


Sha Tin Rent*

As Sha Tin is the new town in the early development of Hong Kong, it has been designed as a large residential area where a wide range of development thrives for many years. It is long established as a popular place to live in among the general public of Hong Kong people due to the beautiful living environment and a full range of recreational facilities. Renting an apartment in Sha Tin is still preferred even the rent is not low. In particular, apartments next to the Shing Mun River offering a stunning view for tenants ask for a higher rental rate. These apartments are great choices for families who vote for the cozy ambience of the community. In recent years, development along the Sha Tin MTR Station in Hong Kong is booming, which inevitably driving up the property prices within these regions, therefore, Sha Tin is relatively high to a certain extend.


*Based on rental of Sha Tin properties listed on Poynta


Future Planning in Sha Tin

Although Sha Tin is a highly developed residential area, with a high density of people, the quality of living among the region is still pleasant and attractive to tenants who value about the surroundings that next to where they live. Furthermore, the MTR Shatin to Central Link (SCL) will be completed in the near future. If the project is completed, working people can easily commute from Sha Tin to Central or to Admiralty and other business areas conveniently. This may also drive up the value of the property along the new Lines. In short, it is worth noticing that the development of Sha Tin is very optimistic and prosperous