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Tai Po - Ting Kok Road
Rent: $9,000

Size: 700 sq. ft.

Saleable Area: 500 sq. ft.

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Rental Properties in Tai Po

Located in the Eastern New Territories, surrounded by mountains and it is one of the newer districts with a densely populated public housing and industrial estate, it is the second least polluted district in Hong Kong. According to the Population Census in 2011, there are approximately 300,000 people living in Tai Po. Currently, Tai Po is a well-developed new town with different housing estates including 6 public estates. There are around 130 villages in Tai Po providing different choices for housing. In 2005, Tai Po was confirmed as one of the 90 safest communities in the world and it is the third safest communities in Hong Kong (1st: Tuen Mun District 2nd: Kwai Tsing District) proving Tai Po one of the safe living choices in Hong Kong. Besides, Tai Po has 2 hospitals and one of them provides emergency services.



In Hong Kong, primary schools are differentiated by school nets and secondary schools are differentiated by districts. Eighteen Tai Po primary schools belong to School Net 84. Among 20 secondary schools in Tai Po, Carmel Pak U Secondary School and SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School rank in the top 50 among secondary schools in Hong Kong; Tai Po Old Market Public School and The Hong Kong Institute of Education Jockey Club Primary School rank in the top 50 among primary schools in Hong Kong. Whereas, The Hong Kong Institute of Education is located on the Lo Ping Road in Tai Po.



Tolo highway is the key road in Tai Po leading in all directions. There are more than 30 bus routes going through Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Island and New Territories. Whereas you can get to Mong Kok from Tai Po Market station or Tai Wo station in approximately 30 minutes. In addition to that, there are minibuses travelling within Tai Po districts so it’s very easy to travel around the community.


Shops & Restaurants

There is Yata supermarket and Tai Po Mega Mall, the largest shopping mall in the Eastern New Territories, providing a wide range of products and services as well as food and entertainments. Other than shopping malls, there are some small scale shopping centers bringing convenience to residences who shop for daily necessities, such as Fu Shin Market and Tai Wo Shopping Centre.


Targeting at residence needs, there are 5 sport centers providing a wide range of recreational amenities. For instance, Fu Shin Sport Center provides gym room, whereas Tai Po Hui Sports Centre has a children’s play room. Other than that, Tai Po has public library and self-study room, providing a tranquil environment for people in the community to enjoy reading. Aquatic activity lovers can enjoy canoeing and windsurfing at Tai Mei Tuk Water Sports Centre, there is also a public swimming pool in Tai Po. Tai Po has a perfect cycling route linking up with Sha Tin and this can always attract biking lovers to bike along the cycle route near the Tolo harbor.


Average Tai Po Rent*

The 2-bedroom apartment cost around HK$9000 per month. It is extremely convenient if you are a student and would like to share the flat with others. It is pretty close to The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


*Based on rental of Tai Po properties listed on Poynta


Future Planning in Tai Po

To cope with the increasing housing demand, 6 areas of land have been re-designated for residential development. Around 280 hectares will be used for private and public housing estates whereas around 65 hectares will be used for recreational areas and around 4 hectares of land will be used for development of ecological tourism in order to make Tai Po to become a community with diversity.